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Please note that Tell Me More French has been discontinued and now redirects to Rosetta Stone (French). We suggest you check out our review of Rosetta Stone (French) instead, or check out the rest of the Teach Yourself French Guides we've reviewed.

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Tell Me More French Review

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Tell Me More French is an excellent system for learning the French language, which is equally suitable for beginners or advanced speakers. With one of the most comprehensive courses on the market Tell Me More French doesn't just teach you the basics of French; it will help you completely master the language. The wide range of different lesson activities will ensure you don't get bored and the excellent progress monitoring tools will help you stay motivated so if you aren't sold already read on to see exactly why we think Tell Me More French is so good.

Tell Me More French is available as a boxed version or as an online web pass which gives you access to all the course material online. If you have a Mac you are limited to the online offering, as the boxed version will only run on Windows-based PCs. Different options are available depending on how many levels of the course you want to work through, but if you think you might get through them all at some point you can save a lot of money by buying all 10 at once. The web pass gives you access to all 10 levels online for a set number of months and is slightly cheaper than the boxed version. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle it might take you more than 12 months to finish all 10 levels so it could be more cost effective to go for the boxed version.

In version 10 the Tell Me More French user interface has been revamped to give a huge improvement over the previous versions. It now looks very modern and is much easier to use, but you still won't be lost if you are familiar with one of the previous versions. There are various different parts to the software, but the interface remains consistent throughout so that you always know how how to find your way around. However, although many improvements have been made we still think Tell Me More could do a little better with its user interface when compared with other similar products in our top ten.

If you opt for the full 10 levels of Tell Me More French you will find there aremasses of course material to work through. It really does live up to its promise of helping you master the language. There are 40 different types of activity to choose from, including word games and a feature that allows you to play a character in an original TV series to practise your grasp of French. Most lessons are supplemented by some high quality video of native speakers in real-world situations to further help you speak and understand. The whole system is based on the Communicative Approach to language learning which tries to immerse you in the language as far as possible. If you like to work on your skills on the daily commute you will also be glad to see well supported mp3 lessons and a range of printable course materials.

As you work through the course it's always easy to see how much you have done and how much is still to go. The progress tracking tools have also been improved in version 10 and now look great, along with the rest of the interface. As an extra, online users also get access to new lessons as they are released and access to a real tutor online 24/7.

Tell Me More French is a top notch language learning product and we would recommend it to anyone aiming for a deep understanding of the French language. If you are more interested in just learning a few phrases for your next holiday you might be better off buying just a couple of levels or checking out some of the other excellent products in our top ten. Otherwise you won't find a more in-depth course than Tell Me More French.

Please note:
TellMeMore.com (Auralog, Inc.) have been taken over by their rival, Rosetta Stone. Although the original TellMeMore software is still available to buy/download from Amazon, the TellMeMore website now re-directs to Rosetta Stone's website.

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Please note that Tell Me More French has now been discontinued.

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