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French in 10 Minutes a day (Kristine K. Kershul) Reviews

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French in 10 Minutes a day (Kristine K. Kershul) Review

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French In 10 Minutes is a beginners French course that aims to teach you to read, write and speak French by just taking 10 minutes out of your day. The number of days it will take isn't exactly specified, but it's a fairly substantial course so quite a few we would think! By the end you should be at intermediate level French and confident in lots of typical situations on your next holiday.

French In 10 Minutes is mainly a book based course, but does come with a CD ROM containing extra learning materials you can access on your computer. However the computer based material isn't the strongest part of the course and after a couple of goes at it you will probably have had enough. Thankfully the book is much better and nicely printed in full color. The illustrations throughout are beautifully hand drawn and painted and somehow instantly relax you the minute you open the first page. If illustrations are your thing you can't go far wrong with either the book or the CD ROM!

The French In 10 minutes course itself is split into 25 easily manageable sections, which take roughly 10 minutes each to go through. All the basics are covered using a variety of common situations, such as in the home or at a restaurant. While it would be possible to rip through the whole lot in 25 10 minute bursts, it's unlikely that you will retain everything you have learned this way. It would be much more sensible to work through at a slower pace and go over the vocabulary and grammar from the previous section before moving on. If you are struggling with pronunciation at any point it can be useful to pop the CD ROM in your computer so that you can hear a native speaker say the words.

Included in the box with French In 10 Minutes is a selection of flashcards to help you memorize the vocabulary you will pick up while working through the book. While not essential, it's handy to have them ready made so you don't have to set to ripping up bits of paper yourself! Another handy extra is the pad of sticky notes also included in the box. You can use these to label things around your home or office to help you remember the French for every day items.

French In 10 Minutes will give you a decent grounding in beginners French, but isn't the most in-depth course we have seen. The multimedia aspects are fine, but we feel they could be improved upon to provide more material. The book, however, is one of the most beautifully designed course books we have looked at and is certain to capture the artistic streak in you! Whether or not it makes for a useful text book is up to you though, so why not check out the links on this page to see for yourself.

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