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Instant Immersion (French) Review

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Instant Immersion French is a computer based system for learning French quickly and easily. The software immerses you in the language to try and help you learn as easily as when you learned your first language as a child. It's a great quality product with high production values and a well designed course which only narrowly missed out on a place in our top ten.

Instant Immersion French is available as a boxed product containing the three levels of the course across six discs. It works with both Windows and Mac, which is a big plus in our book, and also comes with three extra bonus discs. One is a DVD for your home DVD player, the second contains a selection of audio for your iPod and the third is an adventure game to help you improve your French comprehension and pronunciation. This much course material is great value for the price Instant Immersion French is offered at.

The Instant Immersion course spans across three levels and by the end of the third you should have a good grounding in the basics of French speaking, reading and writing. Each level introduces new vocabulary too so that by the end you should have enough to get you through most common situations. In this way it is an ideal course for work, school or your next holiday as you will learn all you need to know to get you started.

The course works by trying to completely immerse you in the French language right from the start. The majority of the course material involves learning by associating pictures with words so the software shows you a selection of images and you must choose the correct French to match. Many experts say this mimics the way we naturally learn languages and so is the fastest way to mastering one. There are also plenty of fun, interactive exercises and quizzes at the end of each level to allow you to check your progress. All of this is wrapped up in a very easy to use interface and combined with high quality video and sound.

Instant Immersion French is a great value immersive-style French course. This type of learning works very well for a lot of people and can be a very quick way of picking up the basics of a language. However it has been criticised for not explicitly teaching the rules and structures that enable you to really master a language. Whichever way you like to learn Instant Immersion French would still be an excellent purchase either on its own or as one part of your French learning materials.

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