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Rocket French Premium Review

by No1Reviews.com.

We have awarded Rocket French Premium our prestigious Gold Award in this category, having reviewed 25 Teach Yourself French Guides. Read our review below to find out why...

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Rocket French Premium wins the prestigious first place in our Teach Yourself French category here at No1Reviews. It is an extremely popular product with thousands of users around the world and has a very high success rate for teaching complete beginners how to speak French. The course material is top notch and teaches you an extensive vocabulary so that you will be comfortable in any situation, while the teaching methods themselves have been honed to perfection through years of experience. We couldn't recommend it more highly so read on to discover why we think anyone looking to teach themselves French should check out Rocket French immediately.

Rocket French Premium is available either on CD or online. Both versions are exactly the same, but you save a lot by opting for the online version with the only downside being that you will need an internet connection any time you want to use the course materials. The user interface is the same in both cases and is very well designed with clear graphics and icons and a soothing colour scheme to minimize your frustration as you learn! Within minutes even complete novice computer users will easily be able to find their way around the screen and work through the lessons.

The course material itself is very well-designed and eases you in gently from the start. Lessons are made up of a combination of written pages and audio tracks which you can work through at your own leisure. Crucially the audio tracks will work with any mp3 player and the written pages are very printer friendly allowing you to work away from your computer whenever you want. As long as you are familiar with iTunes or something similar for transferring the tracks to your music player you won't have any problems.

The learning system used throughout does away with the usual repetition of vocabulary associated with learning a language and instead tries to get you speaking whole sentences from the outset. Audio and visual cues are used to help phrases stick in your mind and each lesson ends with a quiz so that you can check you have understood the content and satisfy yourself that you are making progress. As a complement to the lessons a number of games are provided to help you build up your French vocabulary in a fun and novel way. We found the best way to learn was to do a couple of lessons and then work on vocabulary for a while to really get to grips with the language.

  The whole system works flawlessly and it's very satisfying to be able to see how you are progressing.  

Rocket French Premium also provides an extra set of lessons to help you learn about the French culture, which is important if you plan on really understanding the language and country. These are part in French and part in English so will also help your language skills too. They cover common situations you are likely to find yourself in, such as café culture, shopping and skiing so that you will feel comfortable in every situation.

As you work through the lessons in RocketFrenchPremium, all your progress is tracked and available for you to view at any time. At a glance, you can see which courses you have completed, as they appear with a satisfying big green tick, and also which you have still to do. If you have only completed a lesson part of the way through the green bar will show you how much is still to go. The whole system works flawlessly and it's very satisfying to be able to see how you are progressing, which can help during those moments when you start to feel a bit disheartened.

Purchasing any of the RocketFrench options will entitle you to free technical support if you can't get things working and help is only a phone call or email away. Additionally you get free upgrades for life any time new lessons are released or software updates become available. If you get your order in during a period when there is a special offer on you will also get access to an extra language pack to further increase your vocabulary.

We are extremely enthusiastic about Rocket French Premium. Without a doubt it is one of the best methods around for getting started with the French language as quickly and easily as possible. The software is so simple to use you don't need to worry about being a computer expert to get it to work and the course material superbly designed so that you can easily work away from the computer whenever you fancy. There is a 6 day free trial on offer and a 60 day no quibble money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied after purchasing so what do you have to lose? Start learning French today!

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