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Rosetta Stone Learn French Review

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Rosetta Stone Learn French is the French version of the hugely popular language learning system. Thousands of people around the world have had success learning their language of choice with Rosetta Stone and we can see why. The software is extremely well designed, easy to use and contains all the content you need to get to grips with the French language. The lessons are fun and interesting with great progress tracking to keep you trying even if you start to get disheartened. Rosetta Stone only narrowly missed out on our number one spot so read on to see why we think it is such an excellent product.

The Rosetta Stone software usually comes as five different levels on CD Rom which can be purchased individually or in packs. The best value option for the Cd Rom version is to buy all 5 levels at once which offers a huge saving over buying each individually. If you will mainly be working on a computer that has access to the internet you might, alternatively, want to consider opting for an online subscription. This gives you twelve months access for a significantly lower prices than purchasing the CD Rom version. 12 months should be long enough for most people to complete the course with a little effort, but sometimes it can be useful to go back for a refresher just before going on holiday and this is something you can only really do with the CD Rom version.

The first thing that will strike you about Rosetta stone is the design of the software. Clearly a lot of work has gone into it to make it so simple that only the bare minimum of instructions are necessary to get started. You don't have to be a computer expert to install the software! The user interface is very easy to get to grips with and once you have worked through the first lesson you should be perfectly comfortable with how it works. The buttons are all big, bright and clearly labelled and most lessons just consist of clicking on the correct phrase or picture to keep things as simple to use as possible.

The Rosetta Stone Learn French course material is designed to help you learn the language in the way that most experts deem to be the most effective. This is to completely immerse you in the language so that your brain starts to learn without you even thinking about it. Some people find this a bit disconcerting to start with, but most soon come round to the idea and agree it's a great way to learn. The lessons themselves are structured so that you pick up the mechanics of the language without even thinking about it so there's no need for dreary grammar lessons here. The same goes for vocabulary which is gently introduced as you work through each lesson. Audio, visuals and text are all combined to great effect to help you remember the important parts of leach lesson.

The Rosetta Stone software provides an easy system for tracking your progress. As you complete each lesson you take a test to check you have understood the lesson's content properly. This is all recorded behind the scenes and you can easily see which lessons you have completed and which are still to go all in one place. By level 5 you should have easily enough vocabulary and knowledge of the French language to get you by in most situations. Furthermore, if you want to check your pronunciation and get it spot on you can take advantage of the speech recognition features which listen to you speak words or phrases and tell you how well you have done.

It's easy to see why Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language learning methods in the world. The software has been perfected over a number of years and is still regularly updated to include new features and content. The lessons themselves are well designed to immerse you in the French language and help you really get a feel for it. If you're serious about learning French we recommend going for the full 5 levels in one as you can save a lot of money this way. Follow the links on this page to start learning right now!

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