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Berlitz Self-Teacher: French Reviews

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Berlitz Self-Teacher: French Review

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Berlitz Self-Teacher: French is one of the most retro teach yourself French courses we have looked at. However, we have included it because sometimes the oldies can be the best and for many people this will be the ideal way to learn. If it's been a number of years since you first learned a few words of French opening this book will instantly bring back memories of the classroom and hopefully the lessons you learned there!

You don't need any fancy gadgets or even a computer to learn French with Berlitz Self-Teacher: French as it's just one good old fashioned, solid book to teach you everything you need to know. This means there are no flashy animations to distract you or games that make you think you're learning when in actual fact you're just gazing at the pictures. Learning with Berlitz Self-Teacher: French will be hard work and will require effort, but there are no short cuts to learning a language and sometimes that's just what it takes! However, we are sure that if you fully understand what's in here you will have a far better understanding of French than if you had just completed a short computer based course.

Berlitz Self-Teacher: French is organised into 41 lessons which each cover a new aspect of the language and add new vocabulary and grammar. Each one is hand illustrated with some simple drawings to help you remember the vocabulary. The lessons are designed to be read out loud and, as such, every French word is phonetically spelt wherever it is used. Many people have found this to be very useful compared to other books where you would constantly have to cross reference with the first time the word is explained. At the end of each lesson there is an exercise to complete so that you can check your progress and confirm you have memorized the vocabulary.

Solely book based learning won't be for everyone, but this book has been around since the forties so knows what it's talking about. It's still relevant today and is laid out in a clear, easy to follow manner. At the same time it would be silly not to take notice of all the technological advances since the forties and ignore all the other great multimedia based courses out there. However, Berlitz Self-Teacher: French can be picked up so cheap it's still great value in conjunction with one of the excellent products in our top ten.

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