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Behind the Wheel - French 1 Review

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Behind the Wheel French is a good quality audio course that pitches itself at commuters who want to learn French in the car on the way to work. The course is designed to immerse you in the French language and help you learn quickly and naturally. If you are looking to pick up a few words and phrases for your next holiday Behind the Wheel French could be a well worthwhile purchase. Read on to see why.

We are only looking at level 1 of the Behind the Wheel French course here as we are mostly concerned with complete beginners to the language. However, there are seven other levels available and you should be able to find a good deal if you want to purchase them all at once. The full 8 levels is designed to take you from beginner to intermediate in French so the first level is really just and introduction with a few basic words and phrases. It comes on a 60 minute audio CD that can easily be ripped on to your iPod or other mp3 player for listening to on the move.

Behind the Wheel French receives a lot of praise for its well structured lessons and easy to follow narrative. Each lesson is introduced by an English tutor and will then go on to play conversations spoken by native French speakers. As new words and phrases are introduced you will hear the English followed by the French twice over to help reinforce your learning. The voice acting during French conversations is excellent and makes it very easy to hear to the pronunciation of difficult words. Topics covered in the first level of the course will be enough to get you speaking a few words, but we would definitely recommend thinking about the whole course if you want a good understanding of French.

Behind the Wheel French does come with some supplementary text based materials, but it is mainly designed as an audio course with no reading or writing required. While this is great for some people, for others it can really help to have a written prompt to jog the memory. If you have tried and failed with other 'immersive' courses we don't think you will find this one any different. However, if you are pushed for time it is very handy not to have to bother with a keyboard or books.

Behind the Wheel French, like a lot of audio based courses, is great for quickly picking up a little bit of French for your next holiday. However, for proper study most teachers would recommend a variety of teaching materials. It can be a big disadvantage not to be able to read or write in the language you are learning. This isn't the cheapest course around either so we would recommend checking out some of the other products in our top ten before making your mind up.

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