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Michel Thomas: French for Beginners Review

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Michel Thomas Speak French is a teach yourself French course from one of the world's best known language teachers. Sadly now passed away, Michel Thomas had great success teaching numerous high profile clients how to speak foreign languages and built an excellent reputation doing so. At one stage in his career he recorded this audio course, which is still used by thousands of people around the world as a fast and easy way to get started speaking French.

Michel Thomas Speak French offers a beginners and advanced course as well as a vocabulary builder pack, but we are mainly concerned with the beginners level here. It comes on 10 CDs which will take quite a while even for the fastest learners to work through and can be found for a very reasonable price on the internet (check out the links on this page). If you are interested the advanced and vocabulary builder packs both come on 5 CDs each and can also be found at reasonable prices.

The Michel Thomas audio course is well structured and planned to ensure an easy progression from the very basics through to more advanced aspects of the French language. Michel Thomas is a charismatic teacher and very easy to listen to wherever you are. His methods involve breaking down the language into components that are simple and easy to understand then allowing you to use these as building blocks to construct the things you want to say. You will hear him teaching students himself and learn from understanding their mistakes in pronunciation and grammar. At various points you will also be asked to construct phrases and sentences yourself, with suitable pauses to give you time to think.

As far as audio courses go Michel Thomas Speak French is certainly very high quality, although we do have a couple of criticisms. Firstly, it has been pointed out that, although Michel Thomas clearly speaks French fluently and well, he isn't a native speaker and does speak with a slight accent. Some people find this slightly off-putting and would prefer to hear native speakers in order to learn exactly how the French speak. The other slight downside is the factor that affects all audio courses and that is that sometimes it can be very useful to have a written aid to help you remember. Not everyone learns best by listening and so it's important to understand what suits you best before spending any cash.

Michel Thomas Speak French is a great way of getting started learning the French language. The lessons are easy to listen to and you will find yourself picking up words and phrases without even realising it. However, there is no substitution for hard graft and we would recommend picking up a book or two as well if you are serious about mastering French. Check out our top ten for a great selection of the best teach yourself French products we have found.

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