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Myngle French Teachers Review

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Myngle is slightly different from most of the products in our top ten list in that it isn't a stand alone software product for teaching yourself French. Myngle, instead provides a way of finding an online French tutor so that you can take lessons whenever it suits you, wherever you are. It deserves a place in our top ten as its tutors are of the highest quality and the courses they offer work brilliantly either on their own or as a supplement to one of the software-based teach yourself French products. Prices per lesson can be quite reasonable so it's well worth considering Myngle when you are planning how you are going to learn French.

The Myngle web site is your first stop for finding an online French tutor and is neatly designed with good looking graphics and clean layout. It's very easy to find your way around and without signing up you can easily search through the tutors that are available to see if there is anyone that would suit you. The results that come back are very well organised so that you can see when the tutor is available and what their specialization is. If you have a busy schedule you can also take advantage of the advanced search features to return only tutors that are available at the same time as you are. Once you find someone it's possible to book an almost instant lesson if the tutor is available at the time.

Once you have booked a lesson with a tutor it will appear in the 'My Myngle' section of the web site when you log in. It's then up to you to sign in at the time your first lesson starts and enter the virtual classroom that becomes available. Within the classroom you interact with your tutor via a microphone connected to your computer and work through the lesson plan they have prepared. A webcam is another optional extra and in our opinion it's very useful to be able to see your tutor as you learn. The classroom user interface is also very cleanly laid out and easy to use. It provides functionality for you and your tutor to use pictures, text and speech to complete lessons and work your way towards mastering the French language.

The lessons on offer are prepared by the tutors themselves and are usually very high quality so it's easy to see the amount of work that has gone into them. The selection process for tutors is very tight and only 10% of those who apply get through so you know you are getting the best around. Each tutor specifies their own specializations so if you are an advanced French speaker you can choose someone who will be able to help you improve in the area you are interested in. As you search through them you can also check out a preview of their lessons to see if they would suit your learning style. After the lesson finishes you can also ask your tutor to set you homework based on resources from the free Myngle library or any other resources available to you.

Myngle is a great way of starting out learning French either with a course of lessons on its own or as a supplement to another teach yourself product. The gamble with tutors is that you never know if they will be any good or not, but Myngle alleviates that risk with its very high standard of entry. As we mentioned, checking out the tutors is free so why not give it a go right now.  

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