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Transparent Language Everywhere Audio: French Review

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Transparent Language Everywhere French is a good quality audio based French course that aims to take you from absolute beginner level to intermediate. It isn't a huge course so you can't expect to master the language, but you should easily pick up enough to get you by on your next holiday. For the price we think Everywhere French is a good value introduction to learning to speak the French language.

Everywhere French comes as either a boxed version on CD or as a downloadable collection of mp3 files. Both are exactly the same price so you have to weigh up the benefits of an instant download ready for your iPod against a slight wait for a CD more suited to your home audio system or car. Included with the package you also get the excellent byki Flashcard software to help you learn the vocabulary the audio course teaches you. We rate the full byki package quite highly in our teach yourself French category and, although this is only one part of it, it's a great addition to be getting for free.

Everywhere French is an audio based course so is designed to be listened to as you do the housework or on your daily commute. The lessons are well planned with an introduction taking you through the new vocabulary and grammar that the lesson will introduce at the start of every one. This is then followed by a series of dialogues spoken by native French speakers to help you get a feel for the natural flow of the language and the correct pronunciation. The lessons are clear and easy to follow and will have you speaking a few words after just the first one. In all there are 35 of them spread out over 5 hours which is enough to give you a decent start and leave you ready to learn more.

The bonus byki Flashcard software is a great way of memorizing the vocabulary introduced in the audio lessons. It is well designed, easy to use and works on both Windows and Mac so gets a big thumbs up from us. Essentially it flashes up a French word and you are supposed to select the correct English translation. This may seem like an old fashioned way of learning, but experts will tell you there is no substitution for the memorizing that has to be done to learn a language.

Everywhere French is an excellent value French introductory course, especially when you consider the handy byki software included with the package. Whether or not 5 hours of lessons is enough to take you to intermediate level French we aren't sure, but you will certainly pick up a few words and phrases quickly and easily. Check out the links on this page for a great value deal or, if you want a more in-depth course, why not have a look at some of the products in our top ten.

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