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Declan Software Learn French Review

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Declan Software Learn French is a handy software package for improving your French vocabulary. It takes a flashcard based approach and is designed to be so simple that even a complete computer novice could use it. While Declan Software Learn French doesn't really work as a complete French course it is great for complementing a more structured approach to learning the language.

A free demo of Declan Software Learn French can be downloaded from the Declan software web site. The demo version restricts you to three files worth of vocabulary with no more than 40 words in each, but serves its purpose to let you see how simple and easy to use the application is. There aren't any fancy graphics and the user interface is pretty minimal which makes it easy to see where to click and what to select at all times. As we have said, the software is perfect for people who aren't too confident of their computer skills.

Declan Software Learn French works essentially just like a computer based version of the age old 'flashcard' approach to memorizing vocabulary. At its most basic the software will just flash up a word on the screen and play a sound clip of a native speaker saying the word. As you go along you can mark words as 'learned' so that they are taken off the list and you won't see them again. There are also five different exercises that get you to match French words to their English translations or listen to the French and match it up with the English. All are, again, very simple, but effective for helping you learn.

Mobile versions of Declan Sotware Learn French are also available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC. These work just like the full size version, but are great for taking on the move to continue your learning. The iPhone version in particular has a great user interface and you will be instantly at ease with it whether you have used the full version or not.

Declan Software Learn French is an excellent addition to a complete beginners French course, but we wouldn't recommend it as the only learning material you use. While it might help you pick up a few phrases quickly, a structured approach to learning is definitely the best way to really become confident with the language. However, Declan Software Learn French doesn't try to be a full course and is a great value piece of software so why not check it out today?

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