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Fluenz (French) Review

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Fluenz French is without a doubt one of the most complete French courses we have seen out there. Fluenz promises to teach you French thoroughly and it really does deliver. Unlike some teach yourself courses, if you complete a few levels of Fluenz French you will come away with a deep understanding of the language rather than just the ability to say a few phrases. This won't be for everyone as completing the course takes time and effort, however, so does learning a language. If you are serious about mastering the language Fluenz French is an excellent choice.

Fluenz French is only available as a boxed product and certainly isn't the cheapest course in our Teach Yourself French Category. However, you are paying for a quality and in-depth course which is well worth the money if you are serious about learning French. It would be nice to see a downloadable version available, but the boxed version ships quickly and comes with some nice extras, such as a handy phrasebook. The software is compatible with Windows or Mac which should keep most people happy and the included audio lessons can easily be ripped from the CD and converted into mp3 format for your portable music player.

The user interface Fluenz French offers is easily one of the most modern and visually impressive we have seen from any of the products in this category. It has been polished to a high level and runs smoothly even directly from the disc. Navigation around and between lessons is very easy and we couldn't see anyone having serious problems using the software. There are five levels to the course, which each consist of a number of different lessons. By the time you have completed all five you should be comfortable with discussing a wide variety of topics, including up to date subjects like social networking.

The lessons in Fluenz French are all based around having a video tutor who talks you through everything that you are hearing and seeing. In the main this consists of listening to native speakers have a conversation then the tutor explaining the vocabulary, structure and grammar of the sentences they were using. To keep things interesting the tutors have a very friendly style and incorporate interesting cultural anecdotes to their explanations. This also helps you get a feel for the French culture and should help you fit in if you plan on travelling to France. The software is backed up by a selection of audio lessons which you can listen to while you are doing something else in order to reinforce the main points of the lessons and improve your vocabulary.

Fluenz French is a great product for anyone prepared to put the time and effort in to learn the language properly. There are no shortcuts here and no pretence that learning a language is an easy task. However, Fluenz French makes it as simple and easy as possible with its range of course materials. This won't be for everyone though and, if after trying out the free online demo, you fancy something simpler check out some of the other products in our top ten.  

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