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Teach Me! French Review

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Teach Me! French is a simple software package to help you brush up on your French vocabulary and grammar skills. It isn't exactly a fully structured beginners course, but is suitable for beginners in conjunction with a range of other learning materials. There isn't a massive amount of content within the package either, although what there is covers a lot of basic French vocabulary so is very useful for those just starting out.

Teach Me! French comes only as a boxed version so there's no sneaky discount to be had by opting for a download version. Shipping also seems to take up to 8 days, which seems a bit long in these modern times of next day delivery. However, it's worth the wait for a boxed version as it is packaged very well and contains a book of French short stories with an accompanying audio CD. The price won't break the bank, but considering the relatively small amount of content Teach Me! French isn't the best value package around in our opinion.

The Teach Me! French software is very nicely designed with neatly drawn graphics and a soothing colour scheme to ease your frustration as you learn! We think it would appeal to kids as well as adults so might be a good choice as an introduction to French for young people. The included book of short stories shares the same design principles and is great for a confidence booster when you realise that by the end of the course you can understand everything in it.

The course material in Teach Me! French isn't structured quite like a typical beginners course. It would be fairer to say that it is a set of revision exercises suitable as a supplement to a fully structured course. You can choose from vocabulary or grammar tuition to brush up on your skills by reading from the screen and hearing clear native speakers talking through the text. There are 15 levels of each and by working through them all you should definitely expand your vocabulary and improve your grasp of French grammar.

Teach Me! French wouldn't be a great choice as the only learning material for an absolute beginner in our opinion. It isn't a bad piece of software, but is more suited as a supplement to a full, structured course. As a revision aid it does the job well and is very easy to use. For a selection of full courses check out our top ten list of the best teach yourself French courses we found.

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