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Unforgettable Languages (French) Review

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Unforgettable French is a multi-format beginners French course that aims to take you from absolute beginner to an advanced level in reading, writing and speaking. With easily over 40 hours of lessons making up the course it might take you a while, but you can be sure that you won't miss out on anything along the way. Whether you want to begin an in-depth study of the language or just learn a few phrases for your next holiday you could do much worse than Unforgettable French.

There are three options for getting your hands on Unforgettable French, and it comes in two slightly different versions. The download option gets you a collection of Mp3s which will go straight on your iPod and provide everything you need to learn by ear. The same goes for the audio CD option – although this comes on a whopping 24 CDs! The CD ROM based option provides essentially the same course material, but all packaged up into an application with text, visuals and interactive exercises that will run on your computer. Each has its own benefits, but you will be getting the same course no matter which one you pick.

The Unforgettable French course itself starts of very easy and soon ramps up the difficulty  factor to really get you working. This is a good thing though as by the end of the course you should have a vocabulary of around 1350 words and be comfortable speaking French in a variety of common situations. If you opt for the CD ROM version of the course there are plenty of interactive quizzes and exercises to check your progress and the text and visuals on screen are great for helping you to remember the important vocabulary. The audio only versions of the course contain all the same content, but the exercises are just spoken rather than being interactive.

There isn't much to criticize Unforgettable French about, but if we had to find something it would be the lack of a book to read along with the audio exercises. Some people learn well just by listening, but for others it is really useful to have a visual reference so the course won't be for everyone. The CD ROM version goes some way to improving the situation, but it's not something you can carry around in your bag wherever you go as with a book.

Unforgettable French is a good all round, solid French course. It doesn't skimp over details as some courses tend to do and you should have built a pretty good vocabulary by the end of it. At full price it is perhaps slightly on the expensive side, but at the time of writing (and it appears quite regular) there is a 40% off offer on purchases over $50.00. This makes it much better value and we would recommend checking it out by following the links on this page.

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