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08 September 2015
Reviewer: Jack from Galway, Ireland

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SmartFrench, was designed to teach someone to speak real French, as The French People do. The emphasis is on speaking authentic French. It is not intended to be a comprehensive study of the French Language. It teaches you to speak with French People, as they actually speak their own language. No other learning materials available, are designed to do this, and no learning materials that I am aware of will teach you authentic French as it is actually spoken. Why spend time trying to learn French, if you are going to sound like a foolish babbling idiot to the French, who will barely understand a word of what you are trying to say, and at the same time you can barely comprehend a word of French, as it is actually spoken? If you do not really want, or need to actually communicate in the true spoken French Language, than you need not bother. But, then why would any truly sane person spend the time trying to learn a totally useless, bastardized French, if they cannot use it to speak with native French speakers?

In summary, I would recommend SmartFrench (Beginner Level) to a friend.

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